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Pulp tableware industry prospects

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Update time : 2018-05-26 12:44:12
Network news: in the north of tianjin government decrees that ban the use of foamed plastic tableware implement nearly a month, but according to the personage inside course of study to estimate, at present the city every day in the total usage of disposable tableware, biodegradable paper pulp tableware accounts for only 5% of the total, that is harmful to the environment and human body are foamed plastic tableware also is used by most people.
The city's environmental protection bureau said yesterday that if people find out about the production, sale and use of foamed plastic tableware in their daily lives, they can report it to the authorities at any time.
Authorities will also examine the market around the Spring Festival.

It is understood that after the 26 order issued by the municipal government, the municipal environmental protection bureau specifies four appointed manufacturer in the production of paper pulp tableware, but sales situation is not very desirable, some manufacturer from January 1 to now was a case of pulp boxes are not sold, some are only sold for more than ten boxes, disposable tableware total amount every day with the city is still far.
On the contrary, the foaming plastic tableware is actually sold at a high price because of the "rare goods".
According to one of the city's largest one-time tableware wholesalers, a box of foamed plastic dinner boxes can only earn 0 percent.
5 yuan, but now can earn 8 to 10 yuan, profit more than 20 times.
Driven by profiteering, many wholesalers are still selling bubbly plastic cutlery rather than the relatively low-margin pulp.

Reporter in the interview, also found that large enterprises and institutions, institutions of higher learning of the dining room restaurant and big restaurant have to switch to the pulp, and throughout the whole city each corner of the vendors are still in use non-biodegradable foamed plastic tableware.
How to strengthen law enforcement and stop the continued use of foamed plastic meal boxes is an urgent problem to be solved by relevant departments.
(Wu Wei)
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